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Magna Bubonem Species

Magna Bubonem are species of a fantastical kind. They have a variety of types and characteristics.

What all Magna have in common is plates covering their back and ribs and a parasitic being appearing as their tail. Their tissue is semi transparent making any non-musle-like-tissue show through their bodies.
All of Magna Bubonem have very sensitive hearing. In conrtadiction with that they have an ability to release a screech onsuch frequency, that it will make every being deaf in it's radius including the magna that uses it.
Magna have some variations that develop on their enviromental requirements.
The most commoc Magna are carnivorous ones. They have long, sticking out faces and slim tails with snake or crocodile like heads on them.
[Adoptable] Maned Magna Bubonem [CLOSED] by LemiaDoodleheart [Adoptable] Horned Magna Bubonem [CLOSED] by LemiaDoodleheart

Second in rarity is fisheating magna. Those develop beaks used to quickly kill fish. Those develop only if magna live around areas with alot of natural water around like rivers and lakes. Especially if they live on a small island.
[Adoptable] Fisheater Magna Bubonem [OPEN] by LemiaDoodleheart [Adoptable] Fisheater Magna Bubonem by LemiaDoodleheart

The rarest magna is herbivore magna bubonem. Those develop if there is no sustainible sorce of prey in their enviroment. Those develop strong tails, which they use to defend themselfes. Their skin becomes weaker, so they are prone to become seeded by any sorts of plants meaning that thy can grow grass, moss, bushes or even trees on their skin.
[Adoptable] Herbivore Magna Bubonem [OPEN] by LemiaDoodleheart

There is a small reference sheets to what kind of characteristics can Magna have
Magna bubonem [SPECIES REFERENCE SHEET] by LemiaDoodleheart








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Absolutely no pressure whatsoever. 

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is this an open species??
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Those are closed species, but I often make free ones.
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